My First React App » Customize Material UI

My First React App » Customize Material UI

Customize Material UI

Now that we have a pretty decent App that authenticate a user and present 2 views composed using MaterialUI components, it's about time we add our own skin to it.

In this tutorial we aim to apply multiple custom themes to Material UI, and to provide a UI control to switch the current theme.

As you may imagine, the react-mui Service offers a few hooks that may be useful to our purpose.

Customize The Default Theme

The first step is to create a new Feature /src/mui-theme/index.js:

export default {
  target: "$MUI_SET_THEME",
  handler: (theme) => ({
    palette: {
      background: {
        default: '#E0F1F1'

Once you add this Feature to your App's manifest you will see the background color change.

👉 Of course, there are much more that you can customize on MUI!

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Add New Themes

It is possible, if not likely, that your application will need multiple themes (eg. Light / Dark mode) and a way to switch between them.

Normally, it would be a matter of creating context and custom hooks to manage all the logic. But thanks to ForrestJS it's just a matter to extend another target:

  target: '$MUI_ADD_THEME',
  handler: () => ({
    name: 'orange', // <-- This is very important!
    palette: {
      background: {
        default: 'orange',

It's important to notice that we must give a name to the new theme. That's because is the only way that we have to set it as the active theme later on!

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Set The Active Theme

Once you add a few themes, you may want to set a particular one as the theme that is initially used by the application. If you do nothing, it will be the default one. It's the default choice 😉.

  target: '$MUI_USE_THEME',
  handler: 'orange',

This hook only needs the name of the theme that must be used initially. Simple, uh?

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Switching Theme

What do you need multiple themes without a way to switch them? Let's hack into our custom-root Feature to add a simple theme switcher.

In order to do so, we are going to use the useMUITheme() from the react-mui Service.

Let's build a component that presents a list of themes and let the user switch between them in /src/custom-root/ThemeSwitch.js:

const ThemeSwitch = () => {
  const { applyMUITheme, currentMUITheme } = useMUITheme();
  const handleChange = (event) => applyMUITheme(;

  return (
    <FormControl fullWidth sx={{ mt: 2 }} variant="filled">
      <InputLabel>Switch MUI Theme:</InputLabel>
      <Select value={} onChange={handleChange}>
        <MenuItem value={'default'}>Default</MenuItem>
        <MenuItem value={'orange'}>Orange</MenuItem>
        <MenuItem value={'green'}>Green</MenuItem>

Once you place this component into the CustomRoot.js you will finally get to enjoy the result:

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